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i. Scrap: an 8” x 8” Introspective Scrapbooking Workshop with Stacy Julian

Are you in a scrapbooking rut? If you can’t seem to come up with a page these past days or weeks, why not try taking up a course? Here’s an upcoming one from Stacy Julian. The class’ name is i.Scrap. With this class, you will be introduced to an 8” x 8” scrapbooking introspective to come up with an album centered on “I” statements. While most of us tend to scrapbook about events, family and what-have-yous, taking time to create something centered on OURSELVES is equally important. With this class, we are given instructions, inspiration and motivation to start working on such project.

If you are interested to take this 2-week workshop with Stacy Julian, click on i.Scrap to enroll.

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