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10 Gifts

During our anniversary last year, I surprised my husband with 10 gifts to represent our 10 years of love and togetherness. I made a list before shopping and rushed to the shops before he came home the day before our big day. He filed a leave of absence from work to celebrate and we went on a staycation at a fancy hotel nearby. Anyway, my list was composed of useful daily items like easy to find find custom stress balls


hankies and socks to luxurious gifts like expensive chocolates and an iPad (which was the highlight of it all). The moment I finally handed the gifts to him, one-by one, was memorable. And he was all teary-eyed when he realized what the final gift was. He sure is one lucky guy! Hahaha!

Anyway, I can’t think of any fancy thing or trick for our anniversary this year. My husband is very easy to please so spoiling him is such a joy.

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