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Help Baby Alphonse Fight His Battle

One thing that I like about the digital scrapbooking community is how it takes care of its members. In many instances, I’ve seen designers come together to create a collaboration kit to raise funds for someone who is sick or a family that needs financial assistance.

This time around, there is no collaboration kit but a lot of scrapbookers, kit designers and bloggers have shared a post made by a mother – a talented digital scrapbooking kit designer. She is Mye de Leon and her son Alphonse was born with a heart ailment called Tetralogy of Fallot.


address the condition, baby Alphonse needs to undergo a surgery at  6 weeks old, the earliest but no more than 3 months or he will not make it. He needs about $12,500 for the surgery alone. Alphonse’s family is appealing for help. If you are a digital scrapbooker, you might want to check out the lovely kits made by Mye de Leon at her shop at Pixels and Company. There are $1 that I am sure you would love to have. Moreover, she also offers blog makeover services and you can find her portfolio at My Creative Zone.

According to, Alphonse

is a boy's name, of Old German origin, and the meaning of Alphonse is "ready for battle".  We know that baby Alphonse is a strong boy and humbly,

I am reaching out to you to help baby Alphonse be ready and fight this battle. 

Click HERE to read more about baby Alphonse.  

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