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And just like that, our second weekend for the year is over. I know I’ve told you that I will be documenting our weekends for the year but the gloomy/ cold weather made me too lazy to take photos so I’ll just do it with words. Hah!

We woke up late (as usual) since we’ve stayed up late on Friday night watching CSI: Miami.
The daughter lazily reviewed her notes. She preferred sleeping and eating as her escapes because she know she can’t play.
She was forced to clean up her room – a daily struggle for her and for us. Blame it on pre-teen years.
We had mechado and sotanghon canton which I’ve prepared last Friday night.
The husband folded the laundry while I finished some blogging tasks. He went on and did wash another batch of laundry when finished. He had to clean the bathroom (something that I don’t really like doing) and prelude to the task is laundry washing. (OK.)
We attended the anticipated Mass around 6PM. We prefer that schedule since it is more relaxing and conducive for praying.
We proceeded to the Mall for some shopping as the husband needs new outfit for work.
We had Spam for dinner as we’ve been craving for something fried that night.
We watched more CSI while I ironed their uniform and office clothes for the week. The daughter was finally allowed some iTouch time before sleeping.

Woke up and did more housecleaning and putting away the laundry.
Finally found time to listen to my cheap audiobooks while the husband and daughter played Pocket Planes on his iPad. This has certainly made the daughter interested in maps and geography.
Someone was reminded again to review her notes but then she felt all too sleepy after an hour or so.
We planned to visit another mall for more shopping but then the day was cloudy and
Finally had the courage to write on my new notebook. I will be using it to record the orders, write down design notes and take note of my inventories.
I cleaned up the kitchen sink while the husband defrosted the refrigerator (another daunting task for me).
Spent the rest of the day watching more CSI, supervising the daughter in reviewing her notes, eating and reading.

It was indeed a restful weekend. Something that we all needed as we gear up for a busy and productive week. I know that the husband will meet a lot of deadlines and meetings this week (as usual) while our daughter will be facing her 3rd exams week for the school year. On the other hand, I have a batch of baptismal order to finish and deliver by Thursday, aside from my regular blogging tasks.

So, how was YOUR weekend. I hope it was as restful as mine!

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