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The Visitor

Just last weekend, we had a visitor in the house. He is an old friend, way back when I was working in the university and he was still a student. Now, he is already working and living in the big metro. (I feel old!) He is so kind to find time to see us and spend his weekend with us though our time was limited.

We met him after a baptismal/ birthday party that we attended held in a restaurant at a mall in the big city. While waiting for his arrival, we went around the mall to find me a new pair of shoes (without success) and books for my daughter. When he finally arrived, we asked him to meet us at a shop near one of the mall’s entrance, near a shop that has

best selection of tabletop fountains. It was easy to find since the shop has an ongoing sale and many of its items are displayed outside the store. From there, we walked and rode the train going to our bus terminal. The ride home was fast and easy.

Since I still have some stringing work to do last night, I let him experience how to create a basic name plate with polymer clay and he sure had fun! He made one for himself and a close friend. He baked and stringed them and was very proud of what he accomplished. We can’t help but remember another crafty friend – he would surely enjoy polymer clay as much as we do. Hopefully, he can come too and pay us a visit next year.

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