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Oh, My Back!

I was complaining of a very bad backache last week. The husband puts the blame on my sleeping position since I usually lie on the side.(But  I can’t sleep while lying on my back!) I have a different theory though. My work entails me to sit in front of the computer or my working table for long hours. I rarely stand up or stretch. My bottle of water is within reach and I only stand up when I get hungry or when nature calls. That’s what caused my backache, if you ask me. It made me lose sleep but thankfully, I need not go to the doctor or undergo  discectomy because I felt relieved when I took a strong pain reliever, the one I use for severe migraine attacks. When the husband came home two nights ago, he was complaining of the same pain. I told him to just rest and take medications but being his usual self, he refused. However, since I know when to push my luck and insist, I just handed him the capsule and a glass of water. He then had a good sleep and woke up with a good back. You are welcome, Babe! Hahaha!

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