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Free Digital Scrapbook Elements

It’s the last day of November and a friend already asked if we are all ready for December. Personally, I think I am. It’s not that the house is decorated and I am through with my shopping. Aside from that, we are done with the party for a special group of friends so we are left with one more get-together with another group of friends. House decorating I don’t usually do since we rarely celebrate Christmas at home as we are usually on a trip during the jolly season. Hopefully, I can do that when we have our own house. On the other hand, I have started my holiday shopping but I still have some items on my list. Aside from gifts for my daughter’s classmates, I am still looking for a good brand of dutch cigars for my husband’s boss. Hopefully, I can finish all my commissioned orders by December 15 so I can prepare for our trip which will take place on the 19th. December is absolutely my most favorite month, though it can be taxing for most of us. I found out that the secret, really, is to simplify.

Anyway, if you are looking for another Christmasy digital scrapbooking element pack that is free, here is one:

free chrismat kitClick on the image to download. Enjoy!

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