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Secret Santa

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, my friends and I have been busy preparing for our grand Halloween/ Christmas get-together. It has been an annual thing and I am happy that we’ve transferred and that we get to attend this yearly gathering of families. For some years now, we have an online exchange gift to include other friends who are living abroad. And recently, we also started an exchange gift among our kids. Early this week, we’ve already picked our secret babies and we should be posting our wish list very soon. I have not asked my daughter what she prefers as gift though I know her choices are between a douglas plush or books. She collect both and she would certainly love new additions to her collections.

Since we are all going to be busy in the coming weeks, I should be asking her this weekend on what she wants as a gift and then make a post regarding the wish list. In that way, her secret Santa would know what she wants for Christmas.

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