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How to Care for Diamond and Diamond Jewelry

Shopping for diamonds is a very tedious process. Since it is a luxurious investment, it entails a lot of researching, looking around, trips to cartier store, comparing and reading. It involves a complicated process and an expensive expenditure, thus, it is but wise to know how to care for your investment. You want your diamond to retain its sparkle and luster over the years, right? You then make sure that your diamond is cleaned regularly. Here are some tips on how to care for your diamond and diamond jewelry:

  • Experts recommend that having professionals do the cleaning of your james allen loose diamonds is your best option. He is well-versed about the job plus he can share some inputs with you regarding the condition of your diamond.
  • If you wish to do the cleaning job yourself, you can use a mild detergent to accomplish it. Mix warm water with any mild liquid detergent in a small bowl. Use a soft brush and gently scrub the diamond jewelry while immersing it in the soap and water mixture. Afterward, rinse it under warm running water and use a soft, lint-free cloth to dry.

  • In order to keep your diamond jewelry sparkly and beautiful, you can try using an ammonia-based cleaner for soaking overnight. Remove the diamond from the solution in the morning and use a soft brush to scrub it to remove any leftover dirt.

  • Since diamonds easily attract grease and hard to clean, make sure that you handle them sparingly. Your finger can easily transfer oils to diamond which is the type of grease that commonly affects its sparkle. Use your diamond sparingly to ensure you that they maintain their beauty and sparkle.

  • If you intend to use a jewelry cleaner, make sure that you buy a reputable brand and that you follow the instructions indicated on its label.

  • Avoid harmful solutions such as chlorine or abrasives. These include household bleach, household cleaners and even toothpaste. These erode some of the metals that are used in diamond settings, loosen prongs or worse, completely dissolve the metal. These should never be used when cleaning diamonds and diamond jewelry.

  • Some diamond owners prefer using ultrasonic cleaners in maintaining their diamonds. Ultrasonic cleaners effectively remove accumulated dirt and grime by sending high frequency sound waves through a detergent solution. However, take note that using ultrasonic cleaners has a disadvantage too. It has the tendency to shake loose stones from their mounting, thus, it is best that it should be used on fragile settings.

Diamond is a very luxurious investment and it is wise to know not only what, how and where to buy but also to read about proper caring and handling of such precious stone.

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