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Photo Books and Travels

My daughter and I is on a long vacation while the Husband is left at home since he has to work. I thought that though our presence is irreplaceable, I can do and leave some things so that he won’t miss us that much. So I wrote him a short letter and asked my daughter to do the same. Also, I took out the aluminum briefcase where we I stored the photo books that we have accumulated so that he can peruse them and remember the fondest memories that we shared during our family trips (since most of those photo books are travel journals). I browsed through the photo books and I am happy to be reminded of all the fun that the three of us had. The photo books inspires me to record our other travels again, starting with our February 2011 trip to Bicolandia. There are lots of photos and kits and templates to play and  I can’t wait to get started next month!

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