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5 Colorful Easter-Themed Kits at Sweet Shoppe Designs

How I wish searching for cheap motorcycle tires online is as easy as looking for Easter-themed digital scrapbooking kits as I am a digital scrapbooker, not a motorcyclist. This is what I have trying to tell a friend who is not tech-savvy. He thinks that just because I work online, I know where to find the affordable tires that his other friend told him about. *sigh*.

Anyway, going back to Easter-themed kits, I hopped over the Sweet Shoppe Designs’ shop and these kits for caught my fancy. Perfect for your Easter photos and memories!

Bunny Hop by Liella Designs
scrapbooking easter

Dye Job by Libby Pritchett
easter kit

Hippity Hop by Kristin Cronin-Barrow
easter scrapbook

Mister Wabbit by Traci Reed & Julie Bilingsley
digital kit for easter
Jelly Bean by Melissa Bennett
scrapbooking kit for easter
Just click on the images to take you to the shop. Happy scrapping! Happy Easter!

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