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Types of Bridal Showers

Like almost everything, bridal showers have evolved into a more festive celebration with friends and relatives. Games which are fun, food which are not only delectable but also nice to look at and gifts which are really unique and not only limited to products one can see at Here are some types of bridal shower trends which are in nowadays:

DESTINATION BRIDAL SHOWER. Bridal showers do not take place at home or restaurants anymore. This important celebration is now done on a weekend getaway at the country or the beach. Others do it during a private vineyard tour and wine tasting, a weekend at the spa or a lingerie tv series marathon.

ACTIVITY BRIDAL SHOWER. Other than playing games and eating, instructors or tutors are hired to give a short lesson on a particular subject or active like cooking, floral arrangement or even baking. This can be done at home or it can be at a restaurant’s kitchen, a floral shop or bakeshop.

COUPLE BRIDAL SHOWER. This is like a dinner or cocktail party in honor of the couple held at home or their favorite restaurant and bar. Female and male relatives and friends are welcome. This event still revolves around bridal shower gifts but since they are presented to both the bride and the groom, they are usually composed of home goods and gadget. However, a lingerie as a gift is certainly welcome too, if we are to ask the couple.

GROOM SHOWERS. This is the complete opposite of bridal showers, obviously. It is a shower given in honor of the groom wherein themes like poker night during a luncheon or a small get together with his closest male relatives and friends.

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