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Grey’s Anatomy and Scrapbooking

It’s been a while since I last made anything creative save for two cute monsters that I did some weeks back with the use of polymer clay. Well, I tried experimenting with those two and I learned that:

  1. Glossing is cool.
  2. Drawing a face (or anything) and sticking googly eyes (or anything) AFTER glossing isn’t.

Since I am just learning this new craft which is totally different from digital scrapbooking, I feel quite overwhelmed and sometimes frustrated. I have to use and manipulate *real* things and not just pixels. There is no UNDO button though I can remold the clay in case I don’t like what I see but that takes a lot of work. But still, it is a fun thing to get involved with and I enjoy finding ordinary things which I can use with clay.

But last Thursday, I was itching to scrap. I know I have a lot of albums to finish so I opened my Photoshop AND the television. Grey’s Anatomy was on TV and it’s been ages since I last saw the doctors, the hospital computer carts, the hospital beds and many others. A lot has changed too and many new characters are strangers to me. I have a lot of catching up to do! Anyway, I got so engrossed with GA and yes, I was not able to even open the folders of my photos. Bad, bad, bad!

I should have known better. I can’t multi-task when it involves my favorite series. Well, except when the other tasks are: folding the laundry and ironing our clothes. Hahaha!

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