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Birthday Layouts and Digital Scrapbooking Kits

Someone dear and near will be celebrating her birthday very soon and early this week, during one of our conversations prior to going to sleep, she reminded me. My not-so-little girl will be turning a year older. Each year, we make it a point that we do something fun and memorable to celebrate her day and as early as January, the husband and I have been planning something for the week of her birthday. Also, I thought of giving 9 gifts for my daughter for 9 days leading to her birth day. I am still listing gift ideas for her. I shared this to a friend whose boyfriend will be celebrating his birthday three weeks from now and she thinks that it is a good idea. So now, she is also in search of good gift ideas for boyfriends online.  

Anyway, now that we’re talking about birthdays, I am reminded that I have not scrapped my child’s birthday last year. Nor MY birthday. We just have a record of my husband’s 2011 birthday since we were on our first family trip to Cebu City, Philippines. I am way left behind (and obviously guilty!) and the post at The Daily Digi today regarding birthday layouts and digital scrapbooking kits perfect for birthdays is really helpful and a good enabler. I am planning to get back to scrapbooking soon and the birthdays go to my list of to-do layouts.

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