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The Weekend

Last weekend was a real treat for our family as we have spent it with our friends – Andy, Emmie and their sweet little girl named Tessa. They dropped by our place and we really appreciate them taking time to see our new house. Andy was there with us and helped us big time during the moving day.  Anyway, last Saturday, they came over and we had lunch in a local restaurant. Afterward, we accompanied them to a diaper depot and then we all proceeded to the Marquee Mall. Ate Emmie and Therese spent some time looking for accents for the gown Ate Emmie is working on. Tessa enjoyed napping in her Papa’s arms. On the other hand, I dragged my husband to the jewelry section and bugged him to save for a nice anniversary gift. I saw a pair of stainless steel partnership ring and some gold and silver rings. He said that he needs time to think about it. Well, OK.


Anyway, later we got hungry so we proceeded to Krispy Kreme and had chocolatey doughnuts and chocolatey drinks. We ate and ate until our tummies were about to burst! Later on, the husband bought me an electric oven while I scoured True Value for some things that might be useful for my new hobby (which is polymer clay molding). Afterward, though we’re still feeling so full, we had a light dinner to cap the night.

It was indeed a great day and we are grateful for the time they spent with us. Hopefully, we can do it again soon!

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