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New Home!






Hi everyone! How’s the first half of your 2012? Mine has been quite busy cleaning up our new apartment, unpacking our stuff and finding them new storage.

Have I told you that we transferred a few weeks before Christmas? It was done in a rush, a very long story but with a very happy ending. God has been very and specially gracious to us last month, I tell yah. We now live in a small and nice apartment, big enough for the three of us. I love almost everything here – the morning sun, my laundry area, my small kitchen, manageable street noise, our well-ventilated and well-lighted rooms. Aside from that, we are just a ride away to most of the places we frequent – school, malls, grocery stores, church, market. It even has three hospitals nearby and a lot of shops.

Since it’s a 10-minute walk away from my daughter’s school, I usually do my morning walk after sending her to school. The walk, aside from giving me my much needed exercise, lets me save on fare and allows me to busyness of the streets during the rush hour. I pass by some really old houses made of wood and steel buildings that house varied stores, shops and schools. I also pass by some locals who sell vegetable and fruits and I usually buy my papaya from them, instead of braving the wet market.


Anyway, I have been going to and fro some shops to buy things for the house – for cooking, laundry, storage and what-have-yous. It is both fun and very tiring. But yes, it is more fun than tiring. Winking smile

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