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Aiming to get my scrapping mojo back, I planned to start on some layouts last night. I opened my laptop and connected it to my super brand new LED TV (woot!), opened my Photoshop AND Facebook account and wahlah – I was not even able to open a new canvass to work on. Haha! I had a grand time exchanging notes and tips with some new friends that I slept really late without starting any layout. And not having enough sleep, I think, is what triggered my mild headache this morning. I informed my husband about it and he told me to take my medicines and eat good food. He said that I can even indulge and shop for cheesecake online at Shari's if that will make me feel better. Hahaha! He’s really sweet. He knows that good and delectable food can make the ouchies go away and the grouchy feel happy. I would love to indulge, yes, but maybe during the weekend when the husband is home. Food tastes better when shared with those you love, right? Right. :)

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