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52 for 2012

Just like last year, I endeavor to be more creative and come up with even more pages this 2012. One of the projects that I wish to accomplish is Project 52 where I get to document our weekends. This particular project I find exciting and meaningful simply because weekends are special to my family. It’s the time for us to be together, to bond and do things that we like – travel out of town or just watch a movie at the mall and even lounge around the house. All these may seem to be trivial and not that exciting but when I look back, those moments are OURS. It did not matter where we were or what we did. All that matters is that we were together. And I want to document them, to put them in an album so that some day, we can all together reminisce and remember how lucky and blessed we have been with time and resources – that we get to do what we all love together.


Cheers for a productive 2012, scrapping-wise! Happy New Year!

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