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Should There be a Federal War on Drugs During Financial Crisis

It has been said that wars and bad monetary policies are the two most destructive forces which threaten individuals, families, nations and civilizations.

Wars can be of two types: War with an external enemy which could pose a real threat to the security of United States such as the former Soviet Union or Mexican drug cartels, and internal enemies such as the rampant drug culture which is sweeping most cities and towns during this prolonged recession.  These cause financial catastrophe for millions of families.


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Once one or both spouses are addicted to drugs, the end of the family is near, but it is also important to figure out if the federal war on drugs has been successful since it was started in the early 1970s.

Since President Nixon took the dollar off the Gold Standard, the financial system in the United States and across the world has become more an more unstable and this has led to loss in the purchasing power of the dollar for millions of middle class families and working poor.

President Nixon also started the war against drugs ostensibly to protect Americans from drugs flowing into the US which could cause havoc especially during recessions when families and individuals can engage in rampant self destructive behavior.

According to many estimates, the Federal war on drugs costs tens of billions of dollars every year, and the flow of drugs has not stopped.

With little savings in their bank accounts and pay check to pay check existence, millions of poor families are vulnerable to drug culture.

If they lose their jobs, they are unable to cope with psychological shock and pressure, and they might resort to pay day loans as emergency funds to continue their drug addiction.

Cash advance from Payday one can be very beneficial for real emergencies for families which are expected to go back into the workforce, but there can be cases where such funds can be misused.

As government spends more money to combat drug inflow and drug crimes in the United States, it raises the debt and leads to further devaluation of the dollar and volatility in the bond markets.

This can lead to price inflation for many families, and the cost of living goes up.  Furthermore, alcohol and abuse of prescription drugs, which can be obtained through Medicaid programs, can be even more destructive than illegal drugs such as marijuana which has been proven to be one of the least harmful to ingest.

Medical marijuana is also very helpful for patients suffering from acute or chronic diseases such as cancer.

War on drugs becomes even murkier when Federal Government goes to the States and overrides State laws passed in favor of marijuana, specially medical marijuana.

Perhaps, the Federal war on drugs should be scaled down or eliminated altogether so local cities, towns, or the 50 constituent States can decide what kind of drug laws do they want, depending upon the severity of drug culture and levels of unemployment.

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