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I wandered to Ali Edward’s blog today and read about her wrapping up her December Daily 2011 album. I am doing the same project (like what I have shared with you in the previous posts) but with a different approach. However, seeing her accomplish her album plus her encouraging words make me feel more motivated. I know that I can do this. I even accomplished the same project three years ago so getting this one done is very doable.

And just like this project, I also wish to go for the ideal weight that I was able to attain last year. I need to take a different approach as I am getting bored with the exercise routine that I did last year. I am thinking of running and new exercise routines that I can do at home. I will start investing on new running shoes and gears, plus some gears to spice up my home exercise workout sessions like a resistance band.

However, I have learned that having all the necessary things does not constitute to accomplishing a project. Thus, I need inspiration and motivation to put those supplies and gears into good use – to have a December Daily 2011 album and a leaner and healthier body for 2012.

Wish me good luck!

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