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The Hats

Digiscrapping has entirely taken the backseat now that we are busy with real life. Last week, we moved in to a new house and I am still getting things out of the boxes and bags and finding new places for them. Half of our stuff were packed by yours truly while the other half were done by my husband. Thus, when looking for something which I did not pack, I have to ask him since packing of things were done in a hurry and we had no time to label the bags and boxes.

Some, however, are easier to find like the Mens Hats of the husband and my hats. Since they are already stored in this nice and attractive box which is very easy to spot. I had to take the hats out since we are scheduled for some outdoor fun last weekend with some of our friends. It was fun by the way. However, we forgot to bring those hats! Hahaha! But yes, we had fun and we are looking forward to more enjoyable adventures this week!

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