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Che Yang Designs Blog Contest Winner

MY BAD! I have completely forgotten about the Che Yang Blog Contest since November 30 is a national holiday here in our country and the husband is home. He works away and comes home only during weekends and holidays so I try not to go online when he’s here. So sorry for the delay!

Anyway, the participants of our contest are:

  1. jenscre8tivity
  2. JenEvang

  3. Kendra Walter

  4. Suzanne

  5. Skippyherron

  6. Helen

  7. DoggiNo

  8. Lis

  9. Danielle

  10. Veer 

  11. Nolwenn

And according to, our winner is:
Random OrgCongrats, LIS! Kindly send me an email at zu921 at yahoo dot com so I can send you your Che Yang Designs gift certificate.

Until next time, ladies!

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