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My Wish List

It  has been a while since I last wrote a real wish list. Our group over Twitter has been religiously holding an online exchange of gifts for about five years now and I’ve joined for four consecutive years already. But for two consecutive years, I’ve asked for pledges for some causes that I support. And no one’s asking for my wish list to make it clear. I rarely ask for gifts for myself or even for my daughter. But just the same, I am posting it here just to give my personal Santa Claus (a.k.a the husband) an idea.

In nor particular order:

  • Since our old ones are well, old, I want a new set of yves delorme linens. They make sleeping a more delightful and relaxing experience.
  • An additional external hard disk. Just to be very sure with my data keeping.
  • Thingamajigs for my new hobby. Oh, if I can only have them all! But we know that I’ll just be hoarding.
  • An iMac. A long shot, really. But I am not giving up! And my laptop for 6 years has already given up on me so it needs a good replacement. I can already imagine myself scrapping with an iMac. It’s going to be blissful!

And there goes my very short list which is valid until further notice. Smile

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