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The Weekend and a Layout Share: Mark

Hi! How was your weekend? I usually take a break from the online world during weekends to spend time with my family. My husband is usually home on Fridays and leave for work on Mondays so weekends are usually holy days for our family, so to speak. Anyway, there were some things that made my weekend great. A movie date and some shopping with my husband on Saturday. On Sunday, we had late breakfast while reading the day’s news. One thing that caught my attention was an article about a notorious local movie/ TV actor who was an alcoholic. Some months back, he finally decided to seek help from one of the best alcoholism treatment centers in the country. The good news about his recovery from the said addiction as well as his renewal were some of the things that made me happy that morning. Aside from sharing breakfast with the people I love, of course. After the afternoon Mass, the three of us plus a brother in law named Mark went around to find a good study table for him. He’s back to school and this time, to earn his Master’s degree. We also did some grocery shopping and ate some good food.

Speaking of Mark, here is a layout I made last week:

Mark These photos were taken at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport – Terminal 3 last December 2010. We were waiting for my husband and Auntie Rose who were waiting for our baggage. The three of us sat on the floor and took silly photos. :)

And the products I used for this layout are all made by Roadside Designs at Catscrap. Kit is Capture the Moment while the template I used is from Trail Map Collection 1 which is part of the Catwalk and you can avail for 20% off.

Roadside Designs Capture the Moment
Template Roadside Designs
Previews are linked if you wish to shop.

Jhari  – (October 19, 2011 at 6:26 AM)  

Ikaw na sis ang minimalist idol ko! Love this one.

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