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Paintball as a Hobby

All of us needs a hobby. To do something that isn’t a chore. It must be something that promotes our interest and is enjoyable. Personally, it is obvious that I am pursuing digital scrapbooking as a hobby, aside from reading. I used to enjoy cross-stitching too, when I was in high school. If you noticed, all of my hobbies are sedentary. I envy my friends who are engaged into more active hobbies like biking or playing paintball. Well, I never learned how to bike. I do not know how to pedal and balance to make the bike move. However, I know I can learn paintball! I know it isn’t girly nor holding a tm-7 paintball gun is feminine but I know I am going to enjoy it. I grew up having two brothers and two male cousins as playmates so I know how fun guy’s games are.

What is paintball, by the way? It is an outdoor or indoor field game. It’s goal is to eliminate opponents through tagging them using paintballs (capsules that contain food coloring and gelatin) that is propelled from a device named paintball gun. Aside from paintballs and paintball guns, another equipment that is essential in the game is mask or goggle which is used for safety purposes.

Now there are many stores that offer the said equipment. However, it is important that you buy your supply from reliable and trusted stores like JT Paintball Parts. They carry a wide collection of paintball equipment like masks, paintballs and BT paintball guns. BT stands for battle tested. This means that it is of high quality and durable. BT paintball guns can withstand tough and rigorous paintball competitions. JT Paintball Parts also carry tm-15 paintball gun which is known for its high-performing features and yet easy to clean and low maintenance properties. JT Paintball Parts is a store that my guy friends would surely love.

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