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Tutorial: How To Create Cool Titles for Your Layouts

They say that there are there's more than one way to skin a cat. I say that holds true when you do things on Adobe Photoshop.

Some nights ago, I came across a tutorial on creating titles for your layout. It has certainly kept me up as learning for me takes more than reading. I have to practice it myself. I have been working on an album and my pages’ titles certainly needed that extra oomph. I myself has found them to be quite ahm, boring. So, armed with this newfound tip, I followed every single step to achieve the desired result. I downloaded the free font (it’s a very, very nice one!) and even read the attached instructions. (Yey me!) And I was quite satisfied with the outcome! My titles now look funky and stylish.

The tutorial was indeed very helpful and doable. The screenshots certainly encouraged me to try. And I’ve innovated and came up with my own steps, working with features I am familiar with but achieving the same result in the end.

That’s what I will be sharing with you today. Please bear in mind that I am using Adobe Photoshop CS2 when I wrote this tutorial. And here we go.

1. Activate your Type Tool (T) and type your desired title on your canvas.

2. Duplicate it through Layer-Duplicate Layer.
3. Rasterize the topmost layer which is the duplicate through Layer-Rasterize-Type.

4. Pick your color picker and set your foreground on the color you wish to fill your title with.

5. Activate your Paint Bucket Tool (G) and fill the inside of your rasterized layer.
6. This time, choose your original text layer at the bottom.
Click Add Layer Style-Stroke. Choose the color you wish your title to be outlined with and its size, for Position, select Outside.
7. Select both layers on your Layer’s Palette, right-click and Merge Layers.

8. For final touches, add your own shadowing.
The end.

I discovered that I can achieve different looks if I try to manipulate the opacity and size of the stroke or even the position of the duplicated layer vis-a-vis the original. The possibilities are endless. Just get out of your comfort zone, stop being intimidated by Photoshop and let your creativity soar! ;)

If you have a question related to this post, let me know by leaving a comment and I will try my very, very best to help.

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