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Photo Books and CatScrap Anniversary Sale

I am so proud to report that I have accomplished several albums of ours last month. I have asked that they be sent through my husband’s place of work, hoping that the Post Office there is efficient. Yesterday, he informed me that he already received a notice and I am too excited to get my hand on those photo books! My friends also received theirs and have posted photos. That makes me more giddy with excitement!

And because I have done a great job with those albums, I feel that I deserve some new supplies! I have been going around digilandia last week but I just can’t find any that fits my taste AND my budget. The kit/s must be on sale. While I was doing my rounds last week, a friend of mine, on the other hand was also doing hers but she’s looking for a nice and discounted french maid lingerie. We might be searching for different things but we both agree that the items we are going to buy must be on sale. Anyway, I think she found what she was looking for at Lingerie Diva. On the other hand, I just read that CatScrap is celebrating its 5th anniversary and a storewide sale is happening there! Is this what I am looking for? Let’s find out! This promo will run from until August 21, 2011. So come, let us join the fun, let’s shop and scrap!

CatScrap Anniversary

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