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My Digital Scrapbooking Organization Experience: Part 1

I have been trying to scrap some pages for about a week now but to no avail. It seems that my scrapping mojo has finally taken a leave of absence after weeks of working on photo books and various layouts. However, since I want to still do some digiscrapping-related things, I have taken upon myself the humungous responsibility of sorting and organizing my digiscrapping supplies. FINALLY.

If you are a paper scrapper and think that organizing your stash is tedious, wait until you learn how tough it is to organize digi supplies, especially when you have the tendency to hoard. But don’t blame me! I have been a digiscrapper for so long that I have accumulated enough kits that will last me 10 lifetimes or more! With the abundance of freebies out there (that’s where all digiscrappers start, if I am not mistaken), one can’t help but stock up on digital scrapbooking supplies without really knowing if the day will come that she would be using the hoarded materials.

I have tried tried ACDSee but tagging EVERYTHING was overwhelming. And tagging was not fun for me. It stopped me from scrapping for some time. Like what Stacy Julian said, you can only scrapbook the way you are organized. Or something to that effect.

I also tried Picasa as suggested by my friend, Kaje. However, basing on my experience with ACDSee, tagging does not work for me. So I retorted to tagging my photos instead which I did for quite some time.

True, it was difficult for me to come up with a page (unless it is a CT requirement) because my kits were all over the place! I have to be honest here. I am NOT the most organized person in the universe. Sure, I can be meticulous and have the OC tendencies in some instances but trust me, organizing things is never my forte. (But it’s a different story when it’s about organizing people!)

In the absence of an EHD, I had to use CDs to store my kits. Loading them up to find a kit, or a paper for my page frustrated me. It took so much of my time and energy that by the time I find something that I like to use, all my enthusiasm to scrap has gone pfft. When I got an EHD some years back, I have *organized* my kits into three folders: My Bought Kits, CT Kits and Freebies.  The system is *OK*, but my most used kits were CT kits (obviously. Haha!). Two reasons why: I am not familiar with those which are in my freebie folder (since I just downloaded them without really knowing when or where to use them) AND most of the kits I paid for do not fit my scrapbooking style. Honestly, I still have many unused kits because I do not know how or where to use them! The only reason that keeps me from deleting them is the knowledge that I paid for them!

This is part 1 of the 2-part post regarding my digital scrapbooking organization experience.

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