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My Digiscrapbook-Related Bucket List

I was reading Kaje

‘s blog and had a peak in her bucket list. She was able to do one thing on that list and that is to watch Varekai. Yey, Kaje! Unfortunately for me, I was not able to see the much-acclaimed show but the husband told me that we’ll watch it abroad then. Hmmm… Let’s wait and see. ;)

Anyway, speaking of bucket lists, I have started my very own digiscrapping bucket list.  I have been an occasional digiscrapper for about six years. Along with rekindling my passion for the hobby (which I think deserves another post) is to aim for new things, digiscrapping-wise. My list is a work in progress but I want to share with you what’s in it, along with some inspiring samples I found in galleries. They are linked for full credits.

And here we go:

GO PHOTO-LESS. I have been a journaler. In fact, one thing that has prevented me from creating layouts in the past is lack of anything profound and heart-felt messages to put on my pages. I found a solution that I share with you in another post. Anyway, seeing some layouts sans photos plus reading this very enlightening article about photo-less digiscrap pages made me ask “Why not?”.
Keep on Going by NatalieKW
GO LARGE PHOTOS. I consider myself to be a minimalist when it comes to digiscrapping. It is evident in my layouts which has lots of white space, minimum embellishments and a few photos that do not dominate the pages. In my next layouts, I want to highlight big and beautiful photos of my subject.

A Gift by estir_bune 
GO CRAZY WITH FONTS. Along with digital scrapbooking kits, books and magazines, I have also accumulated fonts when I started digiscrapping. I have installed about a hundred or so which only made my laptop slow. When my laptop needed reformatting, I’ve forgone with font overload. Instead, a friend recommended a free software which installs fonts temporarily. Graphic designing says that at most, three fonts must be used in layouts. That is one rule I want to break in one of my layouts. I like to play with fonts in one of my layouts, load it with fonts in  varied colors and sizes. I think it’s going to be fun (and stressful? Hahaha!)
Goals by mrshobbes 
So there’s my list! Like what I said, it is not finished yet. I will be adding more and they won’t only be concerning my layouts. I think that it is good to have shared it with you here because it made clearer to me why and how I want to accomplish them.

What about you? Do you keep a bucket list? Do you have a digiscrapping-related bucket list?

Lex (mrshobbes)  – (August 10, 2011 at 6:58 AM)  

Oooo, great list, Suzanne! And great idea to do a list! I wanna think about this for myself too :) I like to think I take risks with my scrapping, but sometimes I feel puwede pa :) As for journaling, honestly it doesn't always have to be heartfelt. I've said the most ridiculous things in my pages, haha. Eh gusto ko eh :) I'm an advocate of just telling your story in all its forms and tones :) Thanks so much for using my page, sobra akong na-flatter :)

CraftCrave  – (August 12, 2011 at 10:27 AM)  

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [12 Aug 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

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