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The Thursday that Was.

Yesterday was a very busy and tiring day for me. I did the laundry and ironed our clothes for next week. The nap took a little bit longer than expected, thus, I was also late in picking up my daughter from school. Prior to going to her school, I had to go around the city first to find a shop that offers document imaging for our marriage certificate. It is something that I need to do so that I can finally apply for a passport. Hopefully soon.

Anyway, my scrapping mojo is seemed to be back! I was able to whip two layouts this week and that’s a big deal! I planned on creating another layout last night but boy, I was sooo tired to do so. Instead, I did chat with my best friend and another friend on YM and Facebook. Prior to sleeping, I read a chapter of the book by a favorite inspirational author. But as soon as I was about to doze off at around midnight, I received an SOS message on my phone. A former student leader when I was working at the university needed counseling and we talked for 1.5 hours. I lacked sleep but it is good to know that I am still needed and that I can effectively make people feel and think better. To quote him, “Ma’am, thanks for being therapeutic!”. Well, that’s a new adjective for me. I am therapeutic! Hahaha!

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