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The Album of Awesome: A Big Picture Classes Workshop

album of awesome workshop
One of the items in my long list of wants, digiscrapping-wise is enrolling at the Big Picture Classes. And one class that I wish to take up is the Album of Awesome. It is a workshop led by

Steph from The Daily Digi. In this workshop, she will provide ideas to help us find the little things in life that are awesome. To quote:

This class isn’t just about making a specific album…it’s about learning how to identify and then document the awesome things in your life—traditional scrapbookers and digital scrapbookers alike will walk away from this class with a new appreciation for the awesome things in life.

However, one major factor that prevents me from taking up this class or any other online class for that matter is my ability to sustain my interest in it. I have issues with finishing what I’ve started since most often, I stall. But I am working on that issue and when I have developed a habit of sticking with a big project until it’s done at a timely manner, I will surely go for one of these awesome Big Picture Classes.

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