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Financial Advices and Decisions

One of the many old (and I mean in years!) friends that I met during our recent trip is Sir E. I have high respects for him because of his wisdom as well as his dedication to his work and advocacies. Most often, I go to him for advices and the last time that we met, he surely gave me aplenty when he learned that I am leaving the university for good.

One thing that struck me is his advice regarding financial freedom. He said that I should have enough money so as not to be totally dependent on my husband. he asked me about my savings and assured him that I have enough. He encouraged me to find an investment like finding some good morgan silver dollars for sale or buying gold coins. Even though I am not into investing yet, I am giving it a thought because it gives a bigger ROI compared to keeping my money in a bank. But of course, it entails a bigger risk too. Oh, decisions, decisions.

Amy Jones  – (June 20, 2012 at 2:14 PM)  

Well, I think that your friend gave you a very good advice!Being totally dependent on your husband isn't the best option,it's life and you never know what may happen.So you should do everything to be financially secure on your own, and advice of your friend can really help you.If you have some savings and have a chance to increse it, then why not?It's worth to use every chance and I think that you will see that investing will make you more financilly secured and confident in tommorow.

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