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Eyewear for a Cause

One of my treasured gifts from the husband is a nice pair of Nine West sunglasses which he gave me during our anniversary some years back. I am picky when it comes to sunglasses, that is why I like this pair so much for being black, comfortable and lightweight. I do not need any eyeglasses right now but when the time comes, I also want them to be comfortable and lightweight plus fashionable, of course.

Speaking of fashionable yet affordable eyeglasses, I discovered an online shop which does not only sell eyewear but also makes positive changes in the lives of many.  This store, Warby Parker, has teamed up with Vision Spring to come up with a buy a pair give a pair scheme. For every sold pair of eyeglasses, Warby Parker donates funds plus a pair of glasses to Vision Spring. On their part, Vision Spring gives these glasses and uses these funds to train women in some developing countries. These local women entrepreneurs then sell these glasses at very affordable prices.

Warby Parker
One nice thing about Warby Parker is their virtual try-on feature. Just upload your photo and you can try-on their available selection of eyewear. Isn’t it nice to be able to conveniently buy eyeframes online and help others to see more clearly too? 

Anonymous –   – (May 16, 2016 at 9:53 AM)  

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