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Yay for iTouch!

I have been meaning to scrap these past days but it’s that time of the month and the heat is so unbearable that I can’t do anything productive. What I do to make sure that I will have something to return to once I scrap is to record the memories on a Notepad or with my iTouch’s Notes. Thank God for technology as I am so poor when actually recording/ taking notes by writing.
iPod Touch Speaking of how useful my iTouch is, several months ago prior to my trip back to my first home, a friend requested me to buy some stuff for her which are not available there (some brands of hair care products,

testosterone cream for women, candies and chocolates, branded flip-flops and a lipstick). I made a list of her orders on a paper but when the husband and I got to the mall, I remembered that I forgot (yeah, I remembered that I forgot! Haha!) to bring my list. It’s a good thing that I had my iTouch with me and the mall provides a wi-fi access to its patrons. I was able to open my inbox and problem solved! Just one of the many ways that an iTouch made my life easy.

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