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ArtsCow Promo: Memo Pads

Memo pads and sticky notes always remind me of a vey close friend at the university. Since her work entails a lot of papers being forwarded to other offices, she needs sticky papers for additional notes. Since I have an abundant supply of notepads (courtesy of the husband), I usually provide her with sticky notepads in varied colors and sizes. In return, she gives me multivitamin, chocolates, lipsticks and what-have-yous whenever a box from her sister in the US arrives. It’s like an exchange of gift really.

Anyway, this promo from ArtsCow is reminiscent of her. It’s good that I still have plenty of time to avail of this. ArtsCow offers customizable small memo pad for $2, large edition for $3 or $5 for a cover –to-cover personalized notebook. Amount already includes shipping free.

Arts Cow

Coupon Code: PADNBOOK

Expiry Date: 5 / 18 / 2011

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