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Looking for a Free Software?

I usually post about free digital scrapbooking kits here but just this time, allow me to share with you some computer software that you can download for free. Who knows, the list might include something that you have been looking for.

  • VLC is an open source media player for multiple multimedia. It can handle DVDs, Audio CDs, (S)VCDs, web streams, TV cards and many others. If you have a damaged media, VLC can play it back for you. VLC is compatible with Windows, Linux and other OS.
  • Wyzo is media browser designed that prioritizes your security. This free software is equipped with super fast downloads, media powered search engines, BitTorrent integration plus a brand new theme.
  • XChat is a free IRC chat program that lets you join conversations in multiple IRC chat room, talk publicly, privately and send/ receive files. It runs both in Linux and Windows operating systems.
  • Xvid is a free software used for encoding and decoding digital videos. It compresses your videos to a smaller, faster and more efficient size and format for efficient storage in disks or hard drives.
  • 7Zip is a useful software for us, digiscrappers, who download and unpack huge amount of files very often. This open source software utility that has a high compression ratio, zips and archives different zip formats for packing and unpacking your files and projects. One unique feature of 7Zip is that it can create compressed files that can be easily transferred between Windows and Linux request systems. Also, it can unpack archives with bug reports and rename the files as required.

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