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A First!

I visited a friend last Friday at the Air Base for a fun photo shoot and it is a memorable experience indeed. We both had fun doing things for the first time. For her, it’s posing for a maternity shoot and for me, taking photos for the same thing! It was a sunny day and we did our photo shoot at around mid-day. It’s a good thing there were plenty of trees that provided shelter. Some birds that I rarely see were also around but they flew away when we got near. A pair of Nikon binoculars would have provided a better view. I should remember to bring them when the Husband and I decide to go for a visit next time.

Anyway, I am in the post processing the photos and I am very grateful for Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions. They make my so-so photos look better and standout. I am excited to show the final copies to my friend and I know she is looking forward to seeing them.

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