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ArtsCow Coupon Code: Two Pillow Cases

It’s funny that I have only started taking serious care of my skin just last year when we moved here and I started working from home. I asked around and looked for good and effective facial wash, toners and moisturizers. I even read articles on proper care of skin and how to remove pimples effectively because I still get them every once in a while. One of the tips that I remember is to regularly change one’s pillow cases because as we all know, all kinds of germs and bacteria reside in them.

Now this brings me to ArtsCow’s latest promo which is all about comfy pillow cases. For $12, you get two pillow cases with free shipping.

Coupon Code: BED2FOR12

Expiry Date: 4/10/2011

This is something that I want to try and I hope I can find time this weekend to design.

If you are not a member of ArtsCow yet, register HERE for free.

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