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Weekend Review

We had a fun weekend spent with my mom and my younger brother who came for a visit. We met them at the mall on Saturday where my brother was shopping for a new phone. I told him about the raves on htc phones based on the htc desire reviews that I read a week ago but he already has his eyes set on a certain mobile phone brand and model. On the other hand, my mom also bought for herself a new touch phone the day before.

On Sunday, my daughter was down with some virus, thus, we were not able to go out as planned. Instead, we bought some food that were shared by everyone here at home. I was not able to take photos, unfortunately, because we were all famished by the time we arrived home. We had noodles and desserts from the famous Susie’s Cuisine, dirty ice cream and other native delicacies. My mom and brother left later in the afternoon. It surely was a fun and enjoyable weekend!

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