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Unproductive Me

Last night, I planned on finishing some online tasks since we are going away for the weekend. However, I was not in the mood to blog so I played Zuma Blitz on Facebook instead. And then a friend buzzed over YM and asked for help in choosing the best cheap auto insurance for his new purchase.

A minute or two after he bid me goodbye, the Husband called and I talked to him for almost 15 minutes while playing Zuma Blitz, of course. After saying good night to him, I decided to stop playing and start on a blog post but unfortunately (or fortunately, it depends on how you look at it), I got sidetracked when I visited Paislee Press’ blog.

I was amazed and very impressed with all the inspirations she shared there: kits, layouts, projects and photos. Her projects, especially, make me want to go buy a printer so I can try them myself. They all look doable and easy. But more than those, what caught my attention was the nice shirt she ordered from Amy Tangerine:

Amy Tangerine Shirt
To say that I have been unproductive last night (and the days and nights before) is an understatement. But at least, I found myself some eye candies!

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