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The Art of Growing Old

One memory that I want to scrap very soon is our overnight stay with a very loving and inspiring couple – Ninang Cora and Ninong Mon. The two of them played very important roles when my husband and I decided to start a life together some years ago. We rarely saw them after tying the knot but we have kept in touch and updated each other periodically. Spending time with them last weekend is definitely memorable. It’s been a while since we last saw them but it looks like they have not aged! After spending a day with them, I think I know what their secret is and it does not even come close to wrinkle creams.

During our visit, we have not only experienced their love and care but most importantly, they have shown us how to age gracefully. Though don’t look as such, they are senior citizens now, experiencing few aches here and there and it’s OK with them. They have come in terms with who they are with, where they are and what they are now. They accept the fact that there are things that they can’t do anymore but that does not stop them from enjoying life. They do not force each other to be who they are not.

They have no regrets about the past nor have nurtured anger and resentment towards others. Sure they were hurt by some but they have learned to forgive. Now,

they are at peace with themselves, with others, with whole world.


They have done their share in making the whole world a better place in their own way. They have worked hard during their younger years. Now, they are enjoying the last leg of their journey and having a blast at it, if I may say. They stay at their small house, refusing to transfer to a bigger one. They love their small community. They travel every now and then and frequently enjoy the company of their children, daughters in-law, grandchildren and close friends. And they are there for those who need them.

After spending time wit them, my husband and I agreed that that is how we want to grow old. Gracefully. Peacefully.

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