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Tutorials for Beginners

I can write a lot about digiscrapping but first, let us check-out first the available resources on the web. If you are basically new to digiscrapping, I suggest that you visit these 2 sites which I find useful when I was just starting.

Jen Strange offers a handful of tutorials about digiscrapping for beginners. Her tutorials are based on Adobe Photoshop though there are other sites out there where tutorials are based on other graphic designing programs such as Photoshop Elements and PaintShop Pro, among others. I myself, am a big fan of Adobe Photoshop. I started with Adobe Photoshop 7 and eventually upgraded to Adobe Photoshop CS2. CS3 is already available but I am contented with CS2 for now.

Another great website to check-out is the Digital Scrapbook Place where you can find a vast collection of articles and tutorials for both Photoshop, PSP and other programs' users. They even provided tutorials on how to create our own elements and papers!

That's all for now. You go and explore those sites. I don't want to overwhelm you with lots of information. Go and enjoy and let me see what you come up with!

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